How To Make Money Fast » Make Money Selling Firewood

It is certainly possible to make money selling firewood. Of course, this is mainly a cold weather business, for if there is a summer heat wave, for example, it is reasonable to expect that the sale of firewood will slump considerably.

However, there are many other businesses that have seasonal patterns. Air conditioners and ice cream, for example, don't sell as well in winter as they do in summer. For this reason, seasonally sensitive products have to be marketed strongly while the market is eager to buy.

1. Source your supply of firewood well in advance. If you have land of your own with trees, you may be able to create some of your own supply, but it will not be sustainable forever, unless you have a considerable amount of wooded land.

The more usual sources of firewood are: mill ends - lumber and kindling sawed up from saw mills, logs of full length, or pre-cut wood cut to a typical fireplace size. Mill ends are the cheapest to obtain with pre-cut wood the more expensive. However, pre-cut wood is more likely to sell well. One option is to buy full length logs and cut them or have them cut into pre-cut lengths of firewood.

Remember that you need to sell seasoned wood. Many people will have stoves and wood burners than can only use seasoned wood. This is wood that has been cut and allowed to lie for at least six months, or even a year. During this time it dries out and cures to the point where it burns much better and much more efficiently.

2. Price your firewood as competitively as possible. The thing that people will look for when buying firewood is value for money. The stores that sell firewood tend to be overpriced. Any independent supplier who can offer a highly competitive price on firewood is likely to get a lot of business.

3. Offer to sell firewood in large bulk. Firewood is sold in a basic bundle called a cord. This is a large amount of wood. It is usually more firewood than the average household can store, unless they have a large back yard. A cord is 8 feet long, 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. It's about two truck fills, or about four average pickup truck fills.

It is usual for people to buy firewood by the truck load. That's around a half cord of firewood. This amount can be further divided into smaller amounts that people who do not need firewood as their principle means of heating will find useful.

Very small amounts of firewood that the average person can easily carry can also be offered for sale. This will provide a range of sizes that should suit most homes and most people who are likely to purchase firewood.

4. Advertise your position as a vendor of firewood. Use local newspapers, even radio and television if possible. When it gets really cold in winter, someone talking about the heat of a natural fireplace with logs crackling in the hearth will get everyone's attention - fast!