We all like to earn money and we all like to know how to make money fast. If we can get money within an hour or so, it always feels better than getting money next week or next month. It's a fast world and our need to earn money moves just as fast.

There are many ways to make money fast. Some work better than others. The methods you will discover here are all legitimate and completely legal. They are also easy methods that anyone can learn quickly and put to use in a short time.

The Internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to doing business. Now the little guy can make it big just about as easily as the big guy starting out. You no longer need a big wad of cash up front to start a business. You can decide to go into business in the morning and be up and running by the afternoon, or early evening at the latest.

Of course, not all businesses can get going as fast as that. But if it took a week or even a month to be profitable, that's fast by most standards. In the bricks and mortar world of "old-fashioned" business, it can take on average three years to make a profit. To keep going that long and sustain the losses, you need a lot of capital behind you.

People still start businesses the "old-fashioned" way and it still works just fine too, but if you are starting out on the Internet, there's no need to wait three years to see a profit. You can discover how to make money fast and put it into operation the same day. The great thing about the Internet is this: there's no one way to make money – there's lots and lots of ways.

Unlike a bricks and mortar business on Main Street, you don't need things like office equipment, a cash register, product stock, staff, etc. You don't need to pay rent for the store either, or insurance for fire, theft or whatever. All you really need is a computer with Internet access. That's it! Having a desk and a nice swivel chair is nice too, but you can start without them if necessary.

It isn't what you have in terms of equipment that matters when you set out to make money fast. It's what you have between your ears that's often more important. If you haven't a clue about what to do to make money, guess what – you won't make money! If you have a proven plan and you follow it faithfully, you probably will make money.

The Internet is full of excellent tried and tested ways to make money fast. You can divide them roughly in half between paid for methods and free methods. If you pay to make money online, you will, by and large, do it faster. If you can't afford to pay, you're left with using the free methods. They tend to take a bit longer to kick in, but doing it for free usually works out just as good in the long run.

Where else in the world could you start a solid business venture and make fast money without any start up costs, but on the Internet? And the real beauty of it too is that on the Internet there are no first world or third world countries. There's just the Internet. Either you have it or you don't.

With a good Internet connection, being in a rich industrialized country is no advantage to starting your own money making business, and being in an impoverished poor country is no disadvantage either. That's what leveling the playing field of online business means.

It's true that most of the best offers and ideas are to be found in the English language. English has become more or less the language of the Internet it seems. But that doesn't mean that having other languages is a disadvantage. Any local market can be very lucrative to those who know how to work it. Learning how to make money fast is certainly not limited to knowing English.

The most common method of making money online is by being an affiliate for a product and earning a commission on every sale made. This works extremely well and millions do it every day. It's a method that can be started very fast, and one that will stand the test of time too.

Selling products or items on high trafficked auction site is also very popular. There are millions who do this every day with more coming along all the time. People are always browsing through the best auction sites online looking for a bargain. If you can offer one that other people want, you will make money selling at auctions.

Selling a service is an ever popular way to make money online. It can be a very fast way to get money too. Writing is probably the most obvious way to sell a service, but computer programmers and those who are good at installing difficult scripts, as well as other things, can all sell their services successfully.

Perhaps the most important thing that people think about when the subject of making money is raised is making money online passively. Everyone wants to set up a money making system, then sit back and let it make money for them forever. Who can deny the beauty of such a system? We would surely all have that if we could.

You can! Some of the revenue sharing ad programs let you do just that. Google AdSense is probably the best known, but not the only one. Set up dozens of little sites that will rank well for a product name, slap some ad code on the pages and sit back and wait.

Before long, if you've done everything right, your little niche website should rank high and start making passive income. If you have a couple of hundred of these, you will make money fast and strong, and perhaps forever too.

This website shows you many ways to make money fast. All the methods outlined here have been tested and proven to work for those who follow the methods outlined. Take a look inside. There's something for everyone.